Welcome to Kubota Gardens Landscaping!

Kubota Gardens Landscaping has been designing and installing signature gardens for three generations.

You may recognize the first slide above as the Kubota Garden, founded by Fujitaro Kubota in 1929. He, his son Tom and grandson Al, became well known for their signature Japanese-American Landscaping in the Greater Seattle region. At the same time they continued to develop their 20 acre garden that served as a showcase for their customers and to accommodate their private nursery. In 1987 the garden became a city park, located in the south end of Seattle it has expanded to 37 enchanting acres, advancing the vision of Fujitaro and the Kubota family. Fulfilling a dream, it has become a destination garden, being enjoyed by visitors from around the world. For more information on the Kubota Garden, go to www.KubotaGarden.org.

Meanwhile, Kubota Gardens Landscaping continues to design and install distinctive residential and commercial gardens throughout the Greater Seattle region. The Kubota Garden Landscaping style is unique - handed down through three generations. Take a stroll through the Kubota Garden to relax and enjoy the serenity of the ponds, waterfalls, Japanese bridges, specimen plants and reconnect with nature. Kubota Garden Landscaping can give you that same sense of escaping from the busy-ness of life, no matter the size of your yard, so if you'd like to explore having your own Kubota Garden, give Kubota Garden Landscaping a call today!